I offer a range of photographic services to performers, companies, designers and producers.


A visual record of the workshop experience, a valuable resource when promoting yourself as a workshop leader. Liven up your social media profile with real examples of you working with people.



Images from the rehearsal room give your audience a behind the scenes peek into your process and provide a perfect teaser for upcoming work.



Pictures of the cast, full costume, full production, perfect for press releases and your website. Show your funders what you’ve been up to!



Staged images that present your work to a wider audience, the picture for your flyers and posters.



Every actor needs a good quality headshot.



A typical headshot studio shoot will take about 45 minutes. After the shoot, you will be given a selection of up to twenty images, from which you can select four for retouching. This is a bespoke sevice, and packages can be designed around the needs of the client.

Naomia (18 of 22)


Images will be provided on disc or via a dropbox/wetransfer service.

Prints can be arranged, please ask for details.


Sample Prices

All shoots will be priced depending on time spent at the shoot and the number of images required.

For a 2 hour Workshop or rehearsal shoot with around 40-60 high resolution images, the fee is £130.

For a 3 hour shoot with 70-80 images, the fee is £180.

Headshot packages start at £80.

These are sample prices, packages can be negotiated.

Anything Else?

Just ask!

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